The clinical interface

Leipzig, 23-26 June 2024


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Dear colleagues,

it’s our honour and pleasure to welcome you to Leipzig for the 45th European Congress of Cytology. In collaboration with colleagues from several other European Societies we’ve devised a program covering a wide scope of topics, including “classical” subjects like cervical cancer screening, but also rather new topics like artificial intelligence and it’s role in cytology.

The motto of the congress “Cytopathology: The Clinical Interface” points to some specific features of cytological practice in Germany. Many members of the German Society of Cytology are clinicians and are bridging every day the gap between clinical practice and diagnostic work at the microscope. More than one session will focus on this close interaction, including lectures and discussion, but also live demonstrations in collaboration with our colleagues in clinical departments.

Leipzig is a city in Saxonia in the eastern part of Germany. Leipzig has been a center for trade since old times – the Leipzig trade fair dates back to 1190 – and now is an economic center of the region. Leipzig has a long tradition in music and art and in book publishing. Leipzig is home to one of the oldest universities in Germany and now a center of science.

Leipzig has hosted the ECC before: In the dynamic times of the “Wende” in September 1990 Prof. Dr. Peter Leonhardt, who died a few months ago, organized the 18th ECC in the German Democratic Republic.

So, we invite you to come to Leipzig in June 2024: Join the meeting, present your research and meet colleagues and friends.
We look forward to see you in Leipzig!

For the German Society of Cytology,

Dr. med Marianne Engels, FIAC

Congress President